Ron and Sue McDonald

We recommend without any reservation Mr Bryan Uhrig. He is a “can do”sort of guy. He is not restricted to his job description, always going the extra mile, doing whatever it takes to get the job done and very generous with his own time and finances. He also brings to the table years of experience in business, dealing with peers, associates and clients on e professional level. 

He handles difficult people respectfully and with honor. He is clam and level headed in e crisis and bold when needed but never pushy. He is assertive but not aggressive. He is both charming, clever and innovative. He has a Creative eye and offer extremely valuable advice from a creative perspective.

He was the project manager, sort or a general contractor, for en extensive remodel on our home. The people he recommended were also reliable and good craftsmen. He was like e “nether hen‘ overseeing every detail. Bryan went above and beyond whatever we could have imagined or expected. He wee loyal, honest, dependable, and diligent.

He is an excellent communicator. He kept us well informed at all times. And even though we live 500 miles away. He brought us into every decision, Giving us sound advice, pointing out ell our options. We felt we were right there.

It’s suprising that for such a creative man he is also incredibly organized. He diocument everything end will present to you A beautiful three ring binder of all the details of every transaction involved with the buying or selling of your hone.

 We feel eo amazingly honored to have had someone like Bryan ‘on our side”. We will miss his timely updates, his enthusiastic and cheery nature, and to top it off his sense of humor. He’s just a very likable guy who genuinely cares for his clients. I know he sound too qood to be true but he is the ‘real article’. A man of true integrity.

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