Ravi & Srinaga Cherukuri (First Time Home Buyers)

Bryan is a great guy. He is also an effective Realtor. Since our first interaction with him, he guided us well through all the steps. His contacts in the area are amazing. He has been in the industry for a while. We have been in the market for a while looking for our first home. Most of the people in the industry and associated professionals such as lenders we met during open houses and other instances knew Bryan and know him as a great guy. Bryan has put us in touch and worked with a good team of people including efficient escrow officer and title officers. He listened to our ideas and issues patiently and always provided good answers. Bryan’s experience helped us very much. For example, during the last stages of our complicated deal, the lender that we were planning to go with messed up. Bryan kept a watchful eye for us and alerted us when he saw signs that the lender would not be performing. We made a switch to another lender at an appropriate time and successfully closed. All in all, Bryan is a great Realtor to work with.  Thanks, Bryan!

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