Daniel Schradermeier

To Whom It May Concern:

Upon my decision to sell my home, I asked a friend if they knew a local Realtor. Without hesitation, he gave me Bryan Uhrig’s name. When we met, he was prompt, polite, informative, and upbeat about selling the house. Bryan took care of all the details, informed me to as to what I should do to prepare my home for sale, found an exceptional handyman,to take care of those little “things”and details, and set up a photo shoot that made my house look like a million bucks. I was impressed. He kept me updated with E-mails and texts, and gave me a time line as to the proceeding to sell the estate. He organized the caravans and showings of the house. Bryan was always sensitive to my privacy and invasion of space. He knew about the various plants and fruit trees that are on the property. And he always had a smile on his face, and actually seemed to care about the smile on mine.

I would highly recommend Bryan Uhrig to sell your property. He’s knowledgeable, he loves his job and he will work to assist you in making the transition smooth and easy, he will take you through all the paperwork that is associated with the sale, he will work with you and for you, and he WILL sell your property.