Ashleigh & AJ Henning (First Time Home Buyers)

We are very happy to recommend Bryan Uhrig as a real estate agent. Bryan assisted us in finding our very first home. We faced a LOT of challenges with buying our first home– we had a budget that was somewhat low for the Santa

Barbara market, and were on a tight timeline. I wasn’t sure if anyone could help us find a great place in our budget, in Santa Barbara, and in just a few months. But somehow Bryan did just that.

Bryan was extremely patient and took us to look at many places. He was great at educating us as first time home buyers as well. Ultimately, we fell in love with a short sale that was listed about $3 0|: over our budget. But Bryan was wise enough to see that it was over priced and we could probably get it in our budget. And he was right! He also guided us through the purchasing a short sale process, which can be a little scary! But he definitely guided us through it and it all went so smoothly.

Our first home is truly a dream home. We can‘! believe that it only took us three months from searching to closing escrow despite all the challenges we faced, and the fact that we ended up with a short sale. And we also always say to each other how glad we are that Bryan showed us this condo, since we thought because of the list price it wouldn’t be in our budget. I’m not sure if other realtors would have showed it to us either. But thankfully Bryan knew that it could work, and literally found us our dream home!

We highly recommend Bryan to anyone who lives in Santa Barbara and needs a realtor. And we will definitely use him again when we go to sell this place and buy something bigger!

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