Victor Kirschbaum (US Citizen & State Department Employee stationed in Afghanistan)

I am writing to extend my deepest appreciation to Bryan Uhrig and his team for their assistance in securing my Santa Barbara Dream Home. Now, to anyone else. my new home at 136 West Haley Street might not look like much, but after living in a 200 sq.ft.connex in Afghanistan for three years, it’s a palace. I had discovered the Haley Street property on Bryan’s website while stationed in Afghanistan. Ihad contacted a number of Santa Barbara realtors that I had previously worked with. None would handle the transaction everyone I contacted said it was too much trouble, because I was in Afghanistan, and would not be available until the actual sighing of closing documents, audit was a property to be auctioned by the city. All I knew was that I had to have it.

I had had no previous contain with Bryan, but because I had found the property on his website I figure I’d contact him. You could not imagine my surprise at his energy and optimism when I explained to him the situation and my goals for the property.

Bryan said he knew the process for an auction property was unique, but not impossible. He said he would do his research and get back to me. Within a few days Bryan had confirmed what was required and he made the commitment to represent me in this adventure. Mind you, this entire transaction was handled by Bryan while [was stationed in Afghanistan We communicated entirely by email, except for the day of the actual auction. On the day of the auction, by phone, Bryan was quite candid as to what was necessary to have the winning bid. I had my doubts, but i trusted him implicitly. He was right! We outbid everyone else at the auction by only a few thousand dollars. His instincts were on point! Honestly do not believe I would have beat successful if it had not been for Bryan bringing everything to bear. Because of his insights, experience, knowledge, and professional relationship in die community I have my Santa Barbara Dream Home.

Bryan also lined me up with a great group at Broadview Mortgage. They got me a great loan with great terms.

I could not have found a more diligent and responsive realtor and have nothing but praise and gratitude for Bryan and his team and would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase Santa Barbara real estate.

Bryan has my highest recommendation and my deepest appreciation!


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