Ed & Janet Dewey (Executive for Fortune 500 Company)

We recently completed the purchase of a home in Santa Barbara, This isn’t all that unusual. However we lived in Florida; we had a weekend in which to find a home; we had Bryan as our realtor. Therefore, this tale has a happy ending

Bryan was exemplary. He responded to each and every one of our queries whether by telephone or email. He was always available to us. If he didn’t know the answer, he would go find the person with the answer or research it and inform us.

During om one weekend to find a home, Bryan had skillfully planned out a route to maximize our limited time and also insure that we looked at homes that we thought would be of interest, as well as homes that Bryan knew were similar and we should also view. We refined this list until the last moment by using the multiple listings that Bryan sent us in many emails. We couldn’t have seen as many places as we did without his attention to detail and meticulous planning.

Bryan has a wonderful personality He knew when to interject during discussions and likewise knew when to walk away and let my wife and i carry on a private conversation. Hes a master of all the roads in Santa Barbara. lie provided us with a complete packet of all the places that we were to visit with times and critical info

During the almost virtual closing (we were simultaneously selling in Florida) Bryan insured that everything was lined up for a smooth closing . . . ,.which is exactly what happened. From the initial inspection to final walk through, Bryan was there for us.

We can’t recommend Bryan Uhrig highly enough to anyone who might be considering the purchase of a home in the Santa Barbara area. The highest accolade that we can give Bryan is that we would unhesitatingly use him again should we need a Santa Barbara.

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