Tricia & Frank Goss (Local Business Owners)

We recently employed the services of Bryan Uhrig as a realtor to search for a home for us in the greater Santa Barbara area.  We had previously spoken to several agents and ultimately decided not to use an agent in the search  for home because it was our experience that agents were, as one might surmise, only interested in the quick closure of  a deal that would provide a sales commission.
Mr. Uhrig was quite different.He took his time speaking to us about what we wanted in a home. He went with us to many homes that were for  sal e and listened to what we liked and did not like about them. When we showed interest in homes that  he  thought were poor investments, he provided his counsel and let us make the decision to move on for something that would be more in-line with our needs and interests.
Any number of times, he could have closed a deal that we were excited about and which would have been less than adequate for us over time.
If he thought something was overpriced, if he thought that a property was in an area that lacked security, if he thought that a home was poorly built, he freely mad us aware of a home’s short comings. If we wished to pursue investigation, he would accommodate our interests.
He used all of the contemporary systems for communication:  frequent texting, emails daily, data surveys for houses matching our requirements, etc. We felt we know as much about the range of homes available with our criteria … as anyone in the real estate business.
He saw to it that each night we received all of the prevous days new listings by emails. It was in these that we found a possible candidate. Once he knew we liked the home he researched comparable properties for a price comparison. He helped us locate all publicly available data about the house. Several times he walk the property . six unimproved acres to make sure that we understood its nature. He organized several house visits and inspection. Throughout the offer / counteroffer stage he tended to every details. Long after it appeared that the process was  “inked”, he kept looking after details.

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